​Anyone Use Their Own Email Newsletters?

Posted by Cory List on 1st Oct 2014

​Anyone Use Their Own Email Newsletters?


A newsletter is print publication that is made available to a smaller scope of readers. Unlike newspapers that is often available widespread, newsletters cover a smaller scope and they usually carry a very specific collection of articles. It works brilliantly because in a newsletter, you can engage with the right people and successfully do business with them.

A newsletter could be sent to readers through email it could be distributed by snail mail and it could be presented as a blog with regular updates sent via text, email or various social networks. A newsletter is a good way to promote a business and if you are thinking of employing this, here are some guidelines you can take:

  1. Use good content. In a newsletter, you are providing articles that people will read and you cannot take this for granted. You cannot put out poor quality articles that are going to give a bad impression about the company. The articles have to be well-written, properly informative and equipped with all the details. You need good content because you cannot engage people otherwise.
  2. Setup opt-in strategies. The trouble with hitting blankly is that there are greater chances of missing. When you setup an opt-in method, you can have people subscribe to your newsletters. This means that your readers will be people who are actually expecting to hear from you and they will not be turned down and regarded as spam.
  3. Use mailing lists. Instead of going around and wasting time and effort to obtain emails and addresses of different people, you can cut corners and use a ready-list for your convenience. You can purchase a targeted list that is specific, so that you do not waste time and effort hitting misses with a generalized mailing list.
  4. Do not employing spamming as an option. Spamming may bring some great results but it is not something you can completely rely on. When you spam an inbox or a social network newsfeed, you could get the attention of a number of people but it often annoys, irritates and provokes people. It is a quite disrespectful due to the invasive nature of approach and it may result to your being banned or blacklisted.

Newsletters could be created in different ways. You can put in raw effort by writing and publishing it yourself; you can employ an outside company to do the work for you; or you can use software that will provide proper template and guide.