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We have contact lists for Doctors, Hospital, Physiotherapists and many more......


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This page is the platform for New Zealand Mailing Lists and Marketing databases operated by Core List. From this website, we provide a range of Lists as Microsoft Excel Files, which have the main contact details of businesses in NZ. You can purchase our list of Businesses in NZ or any number of the industry specific databases in the categories provided. These are the most commonly accessed sectors of the NZ market.

The business lists we provide cover all areas of New Zealand, whether you are after Schools in Auckland, Electrician in Wellington or all of the Accountants on the South Island you can obtain the target market you need any day of the year, any time of the day. The Lists are sorted into separate industries. These are specific to the business sector in which they operate.

With our categorised databases, it is easy to contact only businesses that are in your specific target area or industry. This can save a great deal of money and time as opposed to more traditional broadly targeted marketing methods. We cover all Islands and Regions of New Zealand across a huge range of Towns and Cities on the North, South other inhabited surrounding islands. At the top of this page is the range of Business Sectors separately.

We also run websites for Business Lists in other Countries which speak English, please view our other sites, listed below:

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