The New Zealand Tradesmen business records showed beneath can be obtained by clicking on any of the pictures or titles. These have been orchestrated into the particular divisions as should be obvious. These spread an extraordinary extent of regularly required Trades for marketing to, over all of New Zealand. Included are contacts from all of the sixteen regions in the country, these lists cover all towns and cities of NZ for example, Hamilton, Auckland, Rotorua, Dunedin, Christchurch and a great deal more.

These directories are have been classified as Trades. For our definition a Trade is usually an worker that has trained on the job as an apprentice over several years, they have passed competency tests and theory on safety and legislation. They have a specific skill-set to perform the tasks of their trade and are licensed by the respective governing body. They are utilized as contact and research databases by different sorts of business and even government divisions to gain immediate access to a am industry particular database.

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