Posted by Cory List on 24th Feb 2014

​Being Less of a Burden on Family and Increasing Profits

Being Less of a Burden on Family and Increasing Profits

There is always opportunity for you to earn online, you just have to be on the lookout for these things before they pass. The likes of Fiverr give the chance to freelancers and small business owners to earn a few bucks. It may sound great at first glance, but like most things, it is important that you be smart when handling these things. Take a close look at the pros and cons, so that you can properly weigh your options.


  • Convenience. Working online bring a lot of convenience to people especially in terms of time and location. You are given the opportunity to work from home, so you save money and time on transportation, clothing and so forth. You can work anywhere, even at your favorite café, just as long as you have decent internet connection. It is a perfect part-time job for those who are looking for other earning opportunities and for those who are working or studying full-time.
  • Independence. When you work as a freelance agent, you will be working for different clients at project-base contracts so although you are working for other people, you are relatively in control. You have the independence to manage your time, your workload and every aspect of your job.
  • Flexibility of Hours. When you are working from home you are in control of your work hours. You can dictate your work hours, the number of hours your work and so forth. With such flexibility, you are not centered towards work, so you can focus on other things.


  • No to Minute Career Development. One of the disadvantages of working online as a freelance agent is that there is no progress or career development that could be expected. Your pay may rise, as your portfolio increases, but there is no top ranking position to be coveted, no promotion to be aspired.
  • Less Pay. While there is potential for your fees or rates to rise as you go along the way, it may not be as profitable as other opportunities out there. Also, in a site like Fiverr you are bidding for jobs along with other people so there is also some kind of competition as to who can bid lowest for the same job. This definitely limits you in terms of pay so it is not a very sufficient endeavour.
  • No Employment Benefits. One of the advantages of employment are the benefits and when you are a freelancer working for small projects and contracts at Fiverr and the likes of this site, your employment does not include benefits.

Working with Fiverr and such sites are good, up to a point. It is a good part-time job, but if you have greater need for money, it may not be enough. You will be better off looking for more fruitful opportunities, where income is more stable and your skills are properly compensated.