Posted by Cory List on 8th Feb 2014

​Picking an Ecommerce Platform for your Business

Picking an Ecommerce Platform for your Business

When setting up an ecommerce website, you are building more than just a page on the web. It is as specialized website designed to directly make business for you and if you do things right, it could be good money-making endeavour.

Ecommerce Up-Close

With an ecommerce website, you fulfil the basic requirements of all web pages and then setup a payment or checkout system. You expect that the people who will be coming to your site will avail of your services or buy your products. It is important that you make this simple and straightforward.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • It should be easy-to-use. When you choose a web service for your ecommerce sire, you want it to be simple and easy-to-use. If you want complicated, you would have hired an expert, but when doing things by yourself it is nice to be able to breeze through things without any hassle.
  • There should be a good variety in template designs. In business you are introducing a brand and you establish an image this brand. So as not to confuse your customers, you have to maintain a cohesive branding image and it should also be translated to your ecommerce site. The affordance of a variety of template and design allow you to carefully pick a look that matches your business image. Your site should represent your business, your brand so that customers can easily identify with you.
  • It should provide you with a professional image. More than just variety of color, design, format and so forth, you want your ecommerce site to look professional. You want your customers to see that you mean business and that you are not someone to simply mess around with. You want to be respected and regarded highly, so you want a site that exudes professionalism and character.
  • Upgrades should be available. Especially when you are starting out, your needs will be simple. Soon enough, you will be looking for more precise business solutions and features, so readily available updates are going to be essential. To welcome the growth and expansion that you envision, you look for a web service that can help.
  • They should offer free trial. It is easy to make a mistake when choosing a web service. Being tied-down by a contract is going to be a problem, so riding on a trial version will be good, to get the feel of the service, features and functions of the company. If all is well, you can make a decision to finalize contacts and transactions.

When you build your e-commerce website, you are not merely establishing presence, you are hoping to do direct business with customers. When they come in to the site, it should be your goal to make a sell and to make the deal a pleasurable one for your clients. Their experience with you, will determine whether or not they will do business with you again or if they will share your business to people they know.