Posted by Cory List on 24th Mar 2014

​Thanks Flying Solo

A forum is a specific place in the web that allows people to convene based on a common interest, topic or industry. Flying Solo is an example of this forum and it is one that is dedicated to the micro business community. It is a forum, just like most forums, and it welcomes a variety of people to join, browse, participate and interact.

Benefits of Signing Up In a Forum

  1. Networking. Forums allow individuals and businesses to connect with each other. It is an ideal setting for small businesses to establish a name for themselves and it opens a venue for them to meet suppliers, dealers and potential business partners and investors. The number of people you can meet in a forum can significantly improve your status.
  2. Information. Whether you are the giver or the receiver of information, a forum is always abundant of useful information. If you have inquiries, it is a perfect place to get feedback and insights from other people other than your peers and family members; and if you have some information to share, you know that there is always an audience that is ready to listen.
  3. Promotion. For businesses, start up or otherwise, forums are always a good place for you to promote your business. There are threads dedicated to these purposes and it opens an opportunity for you to get yourself out there and introduce your business to people. More so, by constantly establishing prominence in the forums, you are subtly making your name and your business, familiar to other people. Hopefully, when a need arises, they think of you, right away.
  4. Reviews and Feedback. More than just straight up information dissemination, in a forum you will have access to reviews and feedback relating to company’s product or service. When you cannot find firsthand feedback about something or someone, chances are you will find something there that you can use.

There are generalized and forum-specific rules in sites like Flying Solo. As member, you are expected to be knowledgeable and respectful of said rules, not only for the benefit of other people, but also so that you could guarantee an overall positive experience during your stay.