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The List of Businesses in New Zealand is a database of 269,317 businesses in operation across all parts of New Zealand.  It includes all of the available contact information for each business, which makes it ideal for use as a list for telemarketing campaigns, mailing lists or email marketing.

Updated May 2021 - We supply the most comprehensive list of Businesses in New Zealand. 

This Database has over 111,000 contacts with emails. However, there will be many with duplicated emails. Some businesses have multiple locations, but just 1 main contact email. We list this email if the is the main one advertised.

This list is a fast and inexpensive way to start increasing your list of business contacts, so it can be put to very good use by:

  • New Business Owners
  • Sales Directors
  • Telemarketing Managers
  • Mail Distribution Hubs
  • Government Offices
  • Investors

Our list is available as a Microsoft Excel file for your convenience.  Although it may also be opened in programs like Mac Numbers or Google Docs, we recommend that it be used with Microsoft Excel for full compatibility. 

There are a wide range of industries that the List of Businesses in New Zealand could prove very useful for, including:

  • Office Supply Vendors
  • Job Recruiting Agencies
  • Health and Safety Administrators
  • Financial Institutions
  • Advertising Firms
  • Specialty Equipment Suppliers
  • Computer & Software Providers
  • Accounting Firms

The List of Businesses in New Zealand is current as of May 2021.  Our data is gathered from public sources like phone and web listings, ensuring that as long as these records are accurate, our information will be too.

When you’re using our list in Microsoft Excel, it can easily be sorted out based on any of the columns that you see below.  Each one is listed along with its approximate percentage of completion within the records.

Column Quantity Full
Business Name 217,082
Business Category 217,082
Address 136,321
City 174,672
Postcode 107,753
Region 174,671
Phone 215,880
Fax 16,840
Email 111,854
Website 121,054
Longitude 124,305
Latitude 124,305













Be aware that there are strict Anti-Spam Laws in place in New Zealand and that using an illegitimate bulk email list could leave you liable to fines.  Before you use any email list, you should know the laws that cover contacting email address owners and the penalties involved for violating them.   We do not approve the content of any email sent using the data provided in our list.  This is the sole responsibility of the sender.

You will be able to download the complete List of Businesses in New Zealand through a link provided as soon as your payment is received.  Just click “Add to Cart” and then complete the easy checkout process and you will receive an email shortly with the link and a Tax Invoice for your records.  If the email has not been received within ten minutes of your payment, please check in your Junk folder.  If you don’t see it there, just log back in to our site.  It may be necessary to reset your password using the email address that you provided and following the instructions there.  We do not send out physical copies of this or any other files.  


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    saves time

    Posted by Chris Wood on 20th May 2020

    It somehow contribute to my marketing campaign’s success. And really saves time required to collect complicated data..

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    a great value for me

    Posted by Hemnant on 22nd Oct 2019

    Corelist Business list is indeed a great value for me. It has all the industries I needed. It Strengthened my relationships with customers and the list is inexpensive.

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    One of a Kind!

    Posted by Michael K on 27th Dec 2014

    I love the Business list, its a whole package and it got everything you need. This works for our company. Its very affordable and can be download after the payment has been processed. Thanks a lot!

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    awesome purchase!

    Posted by Olivia King on 13th Sep 2014

    Whoever came up the idea of creating a Businesses database is a genius! This database is the greatest resource one company should have. Thank you very much.

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    Posted by Ulrich76767 on 1st Jul 2014

    Have used this when I was in Christchurch!