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​Anyone Use Their Own Email Newsletters?

A newsletter is print publication that is made available to a smaller scope of readers. Unlike newspapers that is often available widespread, newsletters cover a smaller scope and they usually carry a very specific collection of articles. It works brilliantly because in a newsletter, you can engage with the right people and successfully do business with them.A newsletter could be [...]

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​Anyone On Bigcommerce?

An e-commerce site is like any other site but it functions differently. It is not an ordinary page because it works like an online store and it is expected to perform like one: it can accept orders, payments and so welcome business from different clients.If you have an e-commerce site, you will need a different platform for this and [...]

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​Google Separating My Business Name in Search - What to Do?

Google is a powerful online entity but for awhile its most popular as a search engine and it still is. Despite its expansion and vast improvements, Google is still very much about search engines and many businesses rely on Google to point potential clients towards their direction. When a person makes a search on Google, their keywords will direct them [...]

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NZ Small Business Grants for 2014

Small business grants are often sought by New Zealand Start Ups to help get going for a new idea or a boost to a small business that has reached a plateau or needs funds to get to the next level. At Core List we realise that alot of our customers are small businesses, so we [...]

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​Manufacturer List

When you have a very specific group of people to cater to, it is good because it will be easier for you to direct your efforts to a specific place, but also mean that you are fairly limited. Such specificity can afford you much direction so your marketing efforts will be more organized. Just as long as you aid [...]

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​New Business: Appointment Setting

It does not matter what kind of business you have, nowadays, part of the business planning falls on promotion and marketing. If you want people to know about your business, you need to devote some money, time and effort to promotion.Now there are a number of options you can try, when you think of doing this. What you choose [...]

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​Similar Logos – Different Industries

Branding is a big part of building a business and apart from choosing the right name, you will need to think of a logo that perfectly engages the audience (who are potential customers). Branding is essential and it needs to be planned perfectly. It needs to be cohesive, relevant, familiar and perfectly captivating.Sometimes, thinking of a logo can be very [...]

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​Tough One to Crack - Multiple Domains

Tough One to Crack—Multiple DomainsIn the business world today, the internet plays a very important role in advertising and marketing. Most people are online and so you have to exist online, to be able to reach more people. Since websites offer the most effective way to reach your target market, it will be important for you to establish your [...]

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Worrying Times, SEO Help and Recommendations

Worrying Times, SEO Help and RecommendationsIf you own a website and this website is mainly utilized for business purposes, you do not want this website to merely exist because that will not work for your business to merely exist. For your business to prosper, you need to work on increasing the popularity of the website, so that your business [...]

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​Help Doing Café Research?

Help Doing Café Research?Being in business is a lot of work, especially if you are merely starting and have no definite experience in the industry. Always, give room for yourself to grow—your journey may be likened to someone learning a bike with training wheels. In the beginning things will difficult and you will not know what to do, but you [...]

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