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Looking to promote yourselves in the right light and make things easier in the future? Then all you need is the right list of people to contact. When it comes to the hospitality world, then working with motels can be one of the most effective ways to do so; our package of more than 2,676 motels across New Zealand – including key areas like Auckland and Wellington – give you excellent business contacts for the future.

You can have instant access to this treasured information, whether or not that is for advertising, enterprise or research purposes.The Motels  Database is the remarkable tool to expand your contacts database that you can download here immediately in the form of Microsoft Excel File.

As of May 2020, this list contains the newest information. We get all data from public sources like business directories so the accuracy of the information relies on the accuracy of public sources. 

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses in each Region and the different categories within the Motels for New Zealand.

Category Category Count Region Region Count
Bed & Breakfast 684 Auckland 209
Motels & Lodges 1992 Bay of Plenty 182
    Canterbury 347
    Gisborne 33
    Hawke's Bay 82
    Manawatu-Wanganui 151
    Marlborough 79
    Nelson 68
    Northland 197
    Otago 218
    Southland 88
    Taranaki 56
    Tasman 49
    Waikato 316
    Wellington 117
    West Coast 68
Email Count 1636    
Emails Missing 1040    
Phone Count 1354    
MailAddress Count 444    
Website Count 1685    
Address Count 444    
Website Count 1685    


Built around giving you the best people possible to start working with, our selection of motels in New Zealand is the perfect solution for anyone in roles such as;

  • Sales
  • Business management or ownership
  • Directorship
  • Marketing and mailing
  • Government groups

Supplied in an easy to use Microsoft Excel format, you can use this list from home or on a mobile device whilst on the go, to help you give your business the best contacts that it can possibly get. This is the perfect for businesses involved in industries such as;

  • Decoration and design
  • Furnishing
  • Hospitality Supplies
  • Cleaning and management groups
  • Booking Agencies

Having the right people to get in touch with can be a vital part of moving forward and giving your business the room it needs to breathe. This is the current listing of Motels as of May 2020, and is up-to-date as far as we are aware. Any information in our package of motels in New Zealand is built upon public information that is, as far as we know, the most modern contact details for every individual.

Please make sure that, prior to contacting any motels in New Zealand listed in our service, that you have their permission to be contacted. From Auckland to Whangarei, key anti-spam laws are in place to make sure you don’t plague people or send them too much information they never asked for! Get permission from anyone that you intend to contact long before sending them any marketing details. 

Once payment is processed, we will send you the database via e-mail for instant download; check your spam folder if the e-mail does not immediately arrive. 


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    Posted by Marthon on 20th Mar 2015

    I was visiting Dunedin City and this product helps me to locate a cheap but elegant motel. thank you

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    great database

    Posted by Lupe B. on 1st Sep 2014

    We got the Motels database in search for prospective clients around Auckland. It served us very well. Thank you.