Vets in New Zealand

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List Of Vets In New Zealand Download

There are 957 vets working throughout New Zealand. This includes veterinarians, veterinarians who work with farm animals, and companies that deal in supplies. This list of vets in New Zealand download will give you phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and everything else you could ever need on the vets working in the cities and regions of New Zealand. This means you can focus your search for vets in Auckland, vets in Wellington, or vets in Dunedin. If you want to look into specific regions, you can search for vets in Nelson, vets in Northland, or vets in Gisborne.

Our Vets List is current as of May 2020 and the file is delivered in Microsoft Excel file format.

The contact details of 957 Vets are listed in our database and include all NZ regions.Our information is kept up to date with the latest public records such as  web and phone directories.We ensure we gather as much accessible information as possible.

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses in each Region and the different categories within the Vets Database for New Zealand.

Category Category Count Region Region Count
Animal Breeders & Trainers 23 Auckland 113
Animal Health 88 Bay of Plenty 60
Animal Identification 3 Canterbury 145
Horse Agistment & Training 56 Gisborne 4
Livestock Buyers & Brokers 69 Hawke's Bay 27
Livestock Controllers 5 Manawatu-Wanganui 49
Veterinarians 671 Marlborough 5
Veterinary Supplies 42 Nelson 7
    Northland 41
    Otago 47
    Southland 31
    Taranaki 26
    Tasman 5
    Waikato 140
    Wellington 51
    West Coast 7
Email Count 598    
Emails Missing 359    
Phone Count 402    
MailAddress Count 261    
Website Count 644    
Address Count 261    
Website Count 644    


To put it another way, you can use this list however you like. If you have personal reasons for needing this database, or if you want to seek employment with a veterinary practice in your area, you can search according to one or several regions or cities. It is entirely up to you.

And if you want to take advantage of this database for professional reasons, you can certainly do that, as well. There are a wide variety of professional applications that can be derived from a list such as this. If you have goods or services that you know will be of interest to the vets working in New Zealand, then you definitely need to purchase and download this list.

List Of Vets In New Zealand Software

You can probably imagine the ways in which your professional interests can take advantage of a downloadable database such as this. If you manufacture and market your own range of pet foods or pet supplies, you can obviously take advantage of a list that contains every single vet that is working in your area. If you have legal or marketing services, and that experience covers those who work with animals, you can use this list to build new clients to help your business succeed.

In other words, you can take advantage of this list in a variety of ways. You can use this list to find vets or vet supply companies that are in need of office furniture, office equipment, or electronics of any kind. If you have a security company, you can use this downloadable software to find new clients. You shouldn’t have to waste valuable time and energy on tracking down all of the customers who can potentially help your business to grow. Why not focus on contacting vets and vet supply companies instead? Doesn’t that sound like a better use of your time?

This is our current Vets List as of May 2020. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours.

Please be aware of Anti-Spam Laws before using bulk email lists. Other providers selling bulk emails are usually not supposed to do so. Buying an email list off another provider can often leave you open to fines if you bulk email the contacts without consent off the email owner.

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